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  Puttgarden is an important ferry port en route of the 'Vogelflug-Linie' (Bird Migration Route)
- section Puttgarden-Rødby - on the Island of Fehmarn. Since January 1st 2003 Puttgarden is a part of the newly founded town 'Fehmarn'. This town covers the whole island.

In 1961 a huge ferry port was build in Puttgarden. This ferry port got entry into service in 1963 together with the Fehmarn-Sound-Bridge. The old ferry route from Germany to Denmark between Rostock and Gedser was located behind the 'Iron Curtain' and the alternate ferry route from Großenbrode Quay to Gedser had a too long distance.

      After entry into service of the new bridge over the Great Belt in Denmark most of the trains make a long way round from Denmark to Germany instead of the direct way on the 'Vogelflug-Linie'. Puttgarden has an unbeaten role for the road traffic with the fast Scandlines-ferries as the most important gate from Germany to Scandinavia.

The German vacation route from the Alps to the Baltic Sea ends here in Puttgarden after 1.738 kilometres.